There are two aspects to the moving and freight industry that are a constant issue for companies operating in the U.S. today. The ability to accurately dispatch vehicles and personnel and the ability to plan for and handle interstate tariffs is of vital importance.

MoverworX moving software offers the industry’s best solution for all moving and freight companies. From lead generation to pricing, bulk emailing to mobile integration, MoverworX has quickly grown into the moving and freight industry’s leading software application for good reason.

“We don’t just push a software package,” said Uri Levy of MoverworX, “we actively seek to provide the best to our customers. Our years of experience extend beyond the software development arena. We’ve worked in the moving industry as well and really understand how to serve our clients.”

A vital component to running a successful moving company is the ability to utilize MoverworX’s powerful dispatching features. The system allows users to schedule vehicles, displace trucks when required, assign personnel and track what’s happening in real time. Furthermore, when it comes to unexpected alterations to the moving plan, MoverworX lets the user adapt quickly.

“If there is one constant in moving and freight, its change,” continued Levy, “and our system helps them handle that change quickly and efficiently. If someone calls in sick or doesn’t show, or a customer makes a last minute change, our software can handle it easily.”

In addition to the dispatching and displacement feature, MoverworX also integrates a powerful tariff management feature. This feature gives the user the ability to plan accordingly for tax and legislative changes when planning a move. The tariff module is fully compliant with all state and federal regulations and is fully integrated for server-side, mobile and Cloud based operations.

What is perhaps most powerful of all about these two features is that they tie together well. Changes in dispatching and route planning can directly effect what tariffs are due, and changes in tariff law can effect dispatching. It’s MoverworX’s ability to deal with these two issues separately or together that gives it added power and keeps the software in the number one slot in the moving industry.

About MoverworX Software

MoverworX is an advanced high-tech development firm that provides a fully-integrated software solution for moving companies both domestic and international, freight companies and storage companies. This innovative software system incorporates sales, marketing, operations and management capabilities that gives the company total control over its logistics by providing integrated modules and real-time data. MoverworX software’s goal is to be a total solution for the companies it serves. These moving, storage and freight businesses have a great deal of logistics that must be managed precisely and it is with this in mind that MoverworX has developed its unique software solution.

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