Guide: How to send Text Messages to your Customer from Moverworx Software

*PLEASE REMEMBER THAT MOST OF THE CARRIERS DO NOT SUPPORT MORE THAN 30 CHARACTERS IN THE TEXT MESSAGE. Although some carriers will accept more, the ones that do not will cut off long messages, the entire message will not be received in these cases*

*Please keep in mind Standard Text Messaging Rates will Apply based on each individual’s carrier*

1: Create a New Template with no more than 30 characters, as a TEXT MESSAGE
b. Template Name & a Short Email Subject
i. EX. “Your Move Reminder”

2: BE SURE TO CHECK THE TEXT BOX on the right top corner (next to hide header) as an option you can check HIDE HEADER to hide your company information, remember to create it in the body of the template

3: In the body of the of the template, write no more than 30 Characters
a. “Your move date is coming [move_date]

3: Be sure to ask your customer who their MOBILE CARRIER is.
a. Refer to list of MOBILE Email Addresses

4: Go to the move you would like to send the text for

5: Save the current Email Address to the notes section in the ETC TAB

6: Change the email address to the phone number of your customer
@[Insert Mobile Carrier Address Here] SEE LIST
a. EX: Carrier T-Mobile would be

7: Cick SAVE

8: Click Print Summary & [EMAIL]

9: Select the Template you created EX: “Customer Text Message”

10: Remember to put BACK the original email of the customer