Isn’t it amazing how much things have changed, even over the last 10 years?  With the advent of the iPhone and the subsequent iPad a whole new set of tools has become available to business owners that would have seemed like science fiction only twenty years ago.

Now, with other companies getting in on the mobile computing game such as Google and Windows, the sky is really the limit.  It’s now possible for a single individual armed with only a smart tablet to manage an entire company from anywhere on the globe with an internet connection!

Moving and Freight Businesses Are Moving Forward

This is great news for an industry as complex as the moving and freight industry.  As we know, your type of business comes with a great deal of logistical, personnel and data management issues.

It’s nice to know that there’s something on which you can rely.  For years now, MoverworX has been the leader in moving and freight business management software.  One of the things that has made our system a leader is that we’ve designed it and our company to grow and expand with the needs of our customers as well as the ever-changing technological landscape.

MoverworX is so robust and reliable that you can actually run your entire company from a tablet.  Whether you’re quoting a job at the customer’s site, dispatching people and trucks while sitting at Starbucks or reviewing your quarterly accounting reports from the beach, your entire enterprise can be made available to you any time day or night, regardless of location.

There is a perception that moving and freight is an “old” business.  Old because it’s been around seemingly forever.  Even before computers, you had to deal with trucks, drivers, dispatchers, employees, bookkeeping, accounting, state-to-state tariffs, governmental regulations, fuel prices, the list goes on and on.  It’s now possible to manage all of this and more from one single wireless device.  MoverworX provides the current and future digital management power that keeps your moving and freight company on the cutting edge of technology and gives you the ability to ride a wave of profitability well into the future.